Month: March 2014

This Guy is a Thief!

He went into our room after a little bit scary to me, stare down. He snagged an apple and an orange and then ate them 1 balcony over.


My View From My Bathroom

I have to keep pinching myself at Ananda in the Himalayas. I saw a monkey on my balcony. In fact there are people posted to scare them away from the walkways and restaurant. It’s toward the top of a mountain near Rishikesh, where the Beatles […]

Family of 5


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I was feeling sad that the sights and sounds here aren’t new to me anymore. I don’t even notice the head bobble where you don’t know if it’s a yes or no. Then when we were in our closest grocery store 2 little girls handed me a baby to hold. She was adorable – maybe around 1 year old. She had ankle bracelets and a bindi on her forehead. It was a special moment for me. Probably not for her.