Mother Theresa’s MotherHouse and Tomb


On top of her tomb it says Love Until It Hurts in Marigolds
It was so powerful to be there. We could feel her presence as much as if she were there. It made the trip,to Kolkata worth it . Even though I have never seen so many people or so many people sleeping on the streets. The smells from the street made me nauseous. We visited her Hospice in a different part of the city. It looked like a homeless shelter. There was a sign that listed 44 men, 45 women, 1 death .

A few 100 yards from the hospice is a Kali Temple. Patrick and Martin watched a goat being slaughtered. 1 of many for that day for a particular festival to,Kali. There was blood on the floor leading into the temple where they drag the slaughtered goats. Everyone but us were bare footed. Such extreme contrasts.