Looks Can Be Deceiving

I wanted to ride in an Ambassador car.


We hailed a cab on the streets of Kolkata or rather we saw a taxi parked after not being able to hail a cab for 30 minutes on the busiest street I have ever been on.  The driver was sleeping in his cab but agreed to take us to the hotel, after asking many street vendors if they knew where we wanted to go by showing them our hotel key.  He hadn’t heard of the Oberoi.  I could see the street below us through a hole in the floor in the back street.  He  turned off the car each time we were stopped in traffic even if we were in the middle of an intersection.  The car sounded like it would die anyway.   He seemed to start from 2nd gear.  It was quite the adventure but put me from hailing  our own cabs, at least in Kolkata.  I think the car was at least 20 years old.