Riding in the streets of India

I have now seen a monkey, goats, water buffalo, roosters, and even an american looking cow.  The colors, sounds, and smells continue to astound and mostly delight. The people are mostly very friendly.  They don’t hesitate to stare though.

We attended a Diwali party last night.  Lots of lights and fireworks.  It reminded me of Christmas decor and 4th of July together.  Lots of marigolds.  I heard several explanations of the holiday.  Some were a lot more exciting and gruesome than our stories with captured queens and violent fights.  We spend most of our time with Indians, which has been nice.  I wondered if we would be mostly with other Americans.

Bob is busy watching the Notre Dame Navy game that happened yesterday through our sling box on his computer.  I have to not tell him the outcome or he will be grumpy.  ND 38 Navy 34  sounds like a nail biter.