Judy Dench

My mantra this morning was “Judy Dench”, “Judy Dench”, “Judy Dench”. I am open and receptive to all new experiences today.
There are wonderful sights and sounds and the people here, are above and beyond hospitable. It’s a wild ride to Bikram each day where you feel like you might be in a head on collision or run into or over motorcycles, cars, pedestrians, water buffalo, and wild dogs. There are no sidewalks and not many street lights.
My biggest surprise so far has been the language barrier. It’s more than difficulty in understanding and being understood accent wise- it’s usually like speaking to someone who speaks very little English.

Who knew on Saturday at my “Last Lunch” at North Star, that a few days later I would be shopping with two formerly unknown to me, Indian men. With furniture sales staff hovering over me, like vultures.
Thank you to each of you who made my last few months a time to treasure! I miss you!