Day 7 Feeling Fantastic!

Today I will have 4 juices.  Tomorrow I can walk outside of the center (not allowed while,fasting.)

I will head back to the magical Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery.  I felt transported to the 1850’s.  It’s completely in a natural state.

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Day 5

I only have to stick it out with water only for 2 more days. YEAH!!!!!!! After that 1 day of juice, day 2 only veg and fruit, then plant foods plus grains and beans in moderation.

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Day 4 The Pleasure Trap

They talk a lot about the pleasure Trap and how our will to make healthy food choices has been co-opted by the super stimuli of salt ,sugar, and fat.  That our diseases are caused by dietary excess rather than deficiencies.  Interesting 

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Day 3

Was able to attend the lecture,cooking class and will go to chair & restorative yoga tonight- way better than yesterday.

There are a lot of people here that look very ill and a lot of quite heavy people.  A mix of ages.  And 3 dogs 🐶 

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Benefits of Fasting

⬇️ Inflammatory processes

⬆️ Immune system

Normalize blood pressure 

Normalize blood sugar

Headaches often improve

Skin, bladder,and bowel disorders improve 

⬇️ Food cravings and sugar addiction as taste buds reset

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Day 1 Water Fast

7:30 AM AND I already lost 5 lbs!  Too bad I also already am trying to not entertain my “what the heck am I doing here” thoughts.

Probably good that I had another miserable gut pain sleep.  Was it the sneaked final kombucha or GF cookie or all of the vegetables?  Am hoping I didn’t keep my suite mate up all night with my wanderings.

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Day 1 True North in Santa Rosa

I will be here for 19 days.

Hopefully will start the water fast today but only if the Dr recommends it after my appointment.

If I hadn’t had my “last” pecan ball, Tanquery Tonic, and Double Decaff Breve Latte I could have begun yesterday.

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